Friday, October 10, 2008

my heart is breaking....

OK So, i came home from getting Logan from school and shopping for Boyd's birthday thinking today was a great day. I walk in the door and my precious little Carma isn't able to walk or hardly stand up. My mother was there so i immediately grabbed Carma and out the door we go to the vets office. Turns out she had a doggie stroke. Didn't know that dogs could have stuff like this happen much less at such a young age (she's only 11 months and sweet as can be). So know we are in shock. She has no use of her right front leg, her right back leg is weak and stiff. even her back left leg isn't working quite right. We have been given physical therapy instructions for her. she was so much fun and playful we will have to see how she does. The boys are really worried as am i. I guess this is why God sent her our way. He kept her from being put down and now has a loving home who will work with her needs now. God always has a plan that is for sure. Wish he'd let me in a little on the plan.

On a brighter note, Boyd is having a great day today. He is doing nothing but shopping all day and being waited on hand and foot. Guess that is one way to celebrate your birthday.

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The Caldwell Family said...

Awe your little baby is in our prayers! Tell Boyd Happy Birthday! I guess he is enjoying watching the planes fly over our houses? I keep thinking we are being attacked!