Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The beginning for me!

Ok once again i am falling into peer pressure. I finally got my myspace up and running and enjoying it, but now all of my friends are blogging. So what am I supposed to do??? I guess follow suite. So here is a little about me. I am married to a wonderful man, Bart. He and his partner own a successful wrecker and recovery/tow business. We have 2 wonderful boys Boyd and Logan. They are 7 and 6. Boyd will be 8 on Friday. Guess i'll be posting pictures of the party later on. Boyd goes to public school and has been doing very well there. Logan went to public school for kindergarten. He did ok but he hated school. He has a very late birthday in terms of the school year (just before the cut off date) So we decided to hold in back in kindergarten and put him in a private christian school. He is doing so well there and is flourishing. I am amazed every day in the changes the private school has made. Hopefully, we will be able to keep him in the private school and put Boyd there as well. Anyways, Here's to my first Blog. Hope you enjoy it as i enjoy the ones i watch all the time.

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JNAKBoswell said...

Yay Leigh Anne! I'm glad you got a blog :) I love to read them too and I think everyone should have one :)