Thursday, October 9, 2008

AAHHH.. countdown time to party.

When i got home from work today, it dawned on me that 8 years ago today i was in the hospital going on close to 30 hours of labor with my first child. I had already almost died or crashed (however you want to look at it) cause my blood pressure dropped so low after my epidural (I have bad experiences with them obviously), the epidural quit working already and had to be reset. not getting anywhere and blowing up like a balloon with fluid from raising my blood pressure. I was really beginning to scare my family. But the best part was getting Boyd out of it. I can't believe he is going to be 8 years old already. Time has flown by. Obviously, i don't want to repeat that hospital stay but i would do it all over again to have my great boys. They are really sweet and Boyd has such a caring personality (he thinks he's a teenager already though) I Thank God every day for them. Then i want to kill them. haha I'm in heaven right now just thinking about it. I'm off to find the baby pictures!!

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